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Dear Professors and Students of Christ-Bible Theological Seminary and all Children of God!
We live amid the most crucial period of human history. We have been witnessing the fulfilment of Christ's word about the end times: plagues, wars, natural disasters, famine, and moral decline in society and the Church.
Facing this moment in history, when we witness the glorious return of Christ, we must proactively participate in the "war" to rescue the souls of sinners through warfare—a strategy for preaching the Gospel of Christ. Of course, to become great warriors in the Gospel Army of Christ, we must volunteer to participate in a "military academy" to be trained and sent to the battlefield.
Christ-Biblical Theological Seminary is the place of admission and training for all the aspirants of Christ. Here, every volunteer will be equipped with the spirit of commitment to Christ and the weapons and strategies of the Holy Spirit, and upon completion, they will be ordained and sent out by God.
Before that great and important day, we must work toward a vision: 100 million Vietnamese people in Vietnam and overseas must hear the Gospel. Every village and hamlet throughout the provinces and cities of Vietnam must have medical clinics and schools established to help people and serve as a base for preaching the Gospel of Christ. There must be mobile missionary groups to go to the most remote and isolated places and where Vietnamese communities live around the world to preach the Gospel of Christ.
I call on you, who share the same vision as the Christ-Bible Theological Seminary to join today in the Gospel Army of Christ. Join to be leaders, teachers, technicians, sponsors, and intercessors, and most importantly, become students equipped for effective service of Christ.


Rev. Pham Ngoc Hung

CBTS President

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