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The Vietnamese Bible Institute (V.B.I.) was founded in the guiding of God. It was licensed by the state of Washington as a non-profit religious education on October 1, 2012. From its inception to present (November, 2018), the Institute has taught twenty five quarters for thousands of Vietnamese students from the United States, Viet-nam, and all over the world. Hundreds of them graduated in variety degrees such as, Associate in Ministries, Bachelor in Theology, and Master in Ministries. Most of them became and served as the ministers of their local Churches. 

Online education is very effective, economy, and convenient in many ways. Capturing the positive side of online learning in our Digital-Age of the 21st Century, the Institute is committed to creating a free of charge Bible and theological learning environment for all Vietnamese Christian around the world.
The Vietnamese Bible Institute (V.B.I.) is the first Vietnamese Institute of the Bible and theological training which offers full scholarships. The goal of the Institute is to train many missionaries, ministers, and pastors to serve at local churches, as well of preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the United States, Viet-nam or anywhere that has Vietnamese communities.


The professors must be faithful to the Bible doctrines, respecting and encouraging the student's ability to reason and think independently. Students must respect the highest authority of the Bible, know how to cultivate honest, creative, non-stereotypical learning styles, and always apply knowledge to practical action.


The Vietnamese Bible Institute (V.B.I.) preserves and develop the doctrine of the pure Gospel which was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. These are few basic doctrines:

  1. New Testament and the Old Testament of 66 books are inspirational.

  2. The mystery of the Trinity of God: Co-author, Co-creator, and Co-redeemer.

  3. The only salvation by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  4. Born-again by the word of God and power of the Holy Spirit, and the baptizism of the Holy Spirit.

  5. The resurrection of the body on the day Jesus Christ returns.



The Vietnamese Bible Institute (V.B.I.) trains in biblical and theological curriculum which is equivalent to the degrees as follows:

  1. Associate in Ministries includes 23 courses and attend 2 seminars.

  2. Bachelor in Theology includes 43 courses and attend 4 seminars.

  3. Master in Ministries includes 24 courses and attend 2 seminars.

  4. Doctor in Ministries includes 10 courses, 85 pages thesis, and attend 2 seminars.

* Each Course equal three (3) credit units.

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Please, remember us in your prayers, and be the sponsors for our students.

  1. Registration fee: $50.00

  2. Ebook fee: $100.00

  3. Tuition fee: $150.00

  4. Total for each student scholarship for 4 years is $300.00

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